Proper nutrition and abundant health is vital to whole living.  Here you will find health tips including love; jesus; bible; what is love; women; advice; jesus christ; beautiful women; eat; eat pray lovenutritional notes, ingredient inquiries and other fitness finds that other women have found to work for them.  Of course, there are many healthy recipes in nearly every category, and please feel free to share your own favorites!  Another favorite hobby of mine, truly, is to makeover less healthy recipes (you know, the recipes that taste great but maybe aren’t so great for you!) into like-tasting healthier recipes!  In this section, you will find those high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie, unnatural originals, complemented by their lower sugar, healthier fat, lower calorie, more natural or even raw counterpart.  (Again, feel free to submit your own recipe makeovers, OR if you are interested in me making over a recipe of your own, click here!  Finally, an EAT section on whole living and vibrant health wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a section on special diets.  Here you will find those recipes and information for those who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo (grain-free), sugar-free, or looking to pack an extra protein-punch!

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Don’t ever forget to be grateful that we live in such a culture that what type of food occupies our time in place of where any food is coming from.  If you’re interested in helping those who are hungry and hurting, check out our outreach page in the LOVE section of our site!

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