Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles, also called “Sukkot” is one of the 7 Biblical Feast Days that God outlines for us, … More

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Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – CHICKPEAS!

Gluten free pizza recipe with only three ingredients?  Yes!  Well, three ingredients in the crust.  Then you add the sauce, … More

vegan black bean brownies

Vegan Black Bean Brownies

Vegan black bean brownies are even better than the low sugar black bean brownie recipe I posted last week!  Different … More

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Avocado Vinaigrette Recipe

This avocado vinaigrette is a must-try if you love creamy avocado on your salads!  After loving on Natalia Rose’s book: … More

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Natural Homemade Toothpaste

After researching fluoride, fluorine, and if fluoride is healthy, I decided to develop my own spin on a natural homemade … More

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Is Fluoride Healthy?

If you have spent any time considering healthy or whole living, you have probably asked, “Is Fluoride Healthy?”  Fluoride toothpaste … More

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Merry Christmas 2015! (and a recipe!)

Merry Christmas! “For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government … More

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Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

When considering all of the best pumpkin recipes I could make healthier in my list of recipe makeovers, pumpkin bread … More

Mom’s Original Zucchini Chocolate Cake Recipe

As soon as my husband tasted my mom’s zucchini chocolate cake, I was sure I would be making it again … More