The Book of Ruth – Bible Study

The desire of my heart on this snowy Shabbat was to study the Book of Ruth.  This is the story … More

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Bible Studies

May we be like the Bereans: They “were very glad to receive Paul’s message.  They studied the Scriptures carefully every … More

Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles, also called “Sukkot” is one of the 7 Biblical Feast Days that God outlines for us, … More

Feast of Trumpets

As we look to celebrate and keep the appointed times of our God, the festivals of Yahweh, the Feast of … More

vegan burger recipe

Vegan Burger Recipe – Beets!

A really great vegan burger recipe is hard to come by.  Most veggie burgers are held together by eggs, or, … More

Tuna Salad – Yogurt Style

Tuna salad need not be made with globs of fatty mayonnaise to taste great!  Here is a really simple Greek … More

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Maple Chicken and Waffles

Ah, chicken and waffles.  Few things go better together for dinner than maple grilled chicken and delicious whole wheat waffles.  I’m … More

Healthy Recipes

Looking for great tasting healthy recipes you and your family will love?  You’ve come to the right place! One of … More

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Healthy Waffle Recipe

What could be better than a healthy waffle recipe?  I love waffles!  And nothing is better than knowing your favorite … More

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Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – CHICKPEAS!

Gluten free pizza recipe with only three ingredients?  Yes!  Well, three ingredients in the crust.  Then you add the sauce, … More