Read the Bible in a Year

Want to read the bible in a year?  read-the-bible-in-a-year, read the bible in a yearI don’t know about you, but I am excited to be seeking The LORD today!  I am about to embark, God willing and by His grace alone, on a 52-week bible study that will work through the whole Bible (read the bible in a year) – all of God’s Holy and precious Word – one week at a time.  

This blog will be my accountability, and you know it is hard for me to keep posting regularly.  Hopefully this will be an encouragement to someone.  And please, if it is an encouragement to you – please reach back by commenting below.  I am doing this for me, but it’s also in my heart of hearts that I am doing this for at least one other person out there.  There is someone else in this crazy, end-of-times, spinning-out-of-control world who needs to cling to the Word as much as I do.  There is someone else in this absolutely repulsive society of sex-driven, pork-loving, disgust that craves healthy eating and whole living as much as I do.  Please join me in this study from Genesis to Revelation, and may you be blessed, even just in some small way from it.  Amen!

Here is my outline to Read the Bible in a Year:

  1. Full Bible Overview
  2. Who Wrote It?  Why Do We Believe It?
  3. Genesis
  4. Primeval History
  5. Abraham
  6. Canon & Abraham’s Descendents
  7. Exodus (Moses)
  8. Old Promise/New Promise
  9. Leviticus
  10. Rules of Leviticus
  11. Numbers and Deuteronomy
  12. Pentateuch – A Covenant with God
  13. Historical Books and Joshua Part 1
  14. Joshua Part 2
  15. Judges
  16. Ruth
  17. King Saul (1 Samuel Part 1)
  18. King Saul and King David (1 Samuel Part 2)
  19. King David (2 Samuel)
  20. King Solomon (1 & 2 Kings)
  21. Jeroboam
  22. Elijah & Elisha
  23. The Kings
  24. The Fall of Israel
  25. Empires
  26. Ezra and Nehemiah
  27. Esther
  28. Purim and Historical Books
  29. Job
  30. Psalms
  31. Proverbs
  32. Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
  33. Prophets
  34. Messages from God
  35. Major Prophets
  36. Minor Prophets
  37. 400 Years Between
  38. The New Testament
  39. Jesus the Messiah
  40. Jesus – Death and Resurrection
  41. Revelation, Testimony & The Holy Spirit
  42. Pentecost and Spreading the Good News
  43. Who is Saul/Paul?
  44. Paul
  45. Epistles
  46. Paul’s Letters
  47. Justification, Grace & Faith
  48. Righteousness
  49. General Epistles Part 1
  50. General Epistles Part 2
  51. Revelation Part 1
  52. Revelations Part 2 & Bible Review

So there you have it!  The whole bible in a study plan in 52 weeks.  

Site Source:  Learning Like a Childlearning-like-child, read the bible in a year

I have to be honest, I borrowed this from the “What’s in the Bible?” Sunday School Curriculum Series.  Our church has used this curriculum, and I really liked what I learned from it.  The fact of the matter is, though, that my husband and I are really trying to sincerely (and as completely as possible) seek the Lord through the Word and learn the Torah.  What better way to delve into the message of our God than by seeking the Lord as the children do?  (Matthew 18:3)  Also, I am a music teacher by profession, so doesn’t it make sense that I would learn best by teaching??  So I’m thinking of this as my lesson plan outline, to be honest.  Here it goes!

Never Enough

There is NO WAY a 52-week bible study will accomplish a lifetime of Bible knowledge.  But it will keep me reading and keep me immersed in what’s really important – and that’s knowing Jesus and knowing His Word.  After all, He IS the Word!  (John 1:1 and 1:14)


So to make myself even MORE accountable to you (potential readers you may or may not be 😉 ) Here is my outline of projected posting dates:  Every Sunday starting on June 26th, 2016, and continuing for one year, every Sunday, 52 weeks, until I am done.

Goals:soccer goal

After I read the Bible in a year, I hope to have accomplished these goals:.  I hope to critically analyze the “What’s in the Bible” Curriculum and see if it is worth teaching to my own children.  I believe that a great awakening is occurring in God’s people – a desire to see the Church and Israel combined, to practice and keep Torah, and to depend on the Word literally for all that it says and promises.  That’s how I want to live, and that’s how I want to teach my children.  

I’m hoping to get through a general overview of the Bible this year so I would know how to teach it, at a very basic level, but I want it to be consistent, and I want it to be correct.  I’m also teaching for myself.  I need to know the Word frontwards and backwards.  It needs to be my daily bread.  And I need to be sure I have it wielded as a sword (Ephesians 6:17).  

Read the Bible in a Year:  Disclaimer

I have always learned best and studied best by copying and by typing, so forgive me for my endless typing out of the Scriptures.  Though the year, my style and the translation I use may change.  I will do all that I know how to give credit where credit is due.  I will also do my best to provide as many excellent resources as I can, and I will pose questions that I have as well.  Please reach out and share as we journey through this together.

If you have any prayer requests, I would be honored to pray for you!  Please reach out by contacting me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mailing, or through my contact page, or commenting below.  Also, please take a minute to utilize my very much under-utilized prayer request page and message board, and pray for the others who have already posted.

God Bless!

Eat. Pray. Love.

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